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Management Policy

Management Policy

Compliance with laws &
safety management management policy

The purpose of this policy is to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the company by complying with relevant laws and regulations in handling import and export cargo and related information and comply with AEO safety management requirements. As the subject of safety management, DSTC shall actively endeavor to be trusted internally and externally through mutual cooperation with the parties to the import and export supply chain, knowing the following policies.

1. We thoroughly complies with the customs laws, trade and logistics laws, and safety-related laws, and complies with safety management requirements.

2. We focus on establishing the best Global SCM system by identifying and continuously removing potential risks during import and export logistics activities.

3. Improve compliance with laws and regulations, set goals that conform to safety management policies, establish action plans in detail, and continuously carry out innovation activities.

4. Ultimately, safety management is pursued and management goals are achieved by securing competence as a complex logistics service provider in line with the import/export cargo safety management system.

    2015. 8. 20

DSTC CEO Jong-In Kim

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