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Company History

Company History

We will continue to strive to become a global logistics company
with the capabilities and enthusiasm to lead the 21st century logistics innovation.

회사 연혁

2021 DSTC History
FEB - Development of Forward Management System Completed (DECS-II )
2017 DSTC History
MAY - OPEN Gimhae Airport Logistics Center (Warehouse)
2017 DSTC History
JAN - To obtain AEO (Authorized Economic Operator ) Grade A certification 
2015 DSTC History
JUL - Establishment of Indonesian Semarang Branch 
2014 DSTC History
DEC - Selection of Best Korean Air Distributor (Vietnam / Indonesia)
JAN - Establishment of Hanoi branch in Vietnam 
2011 DSTC History
NOV - Established Daeshin Transport Indonesia Jakarta Corporation
2008 DSTC History
MAR - OPEN Gimhae Airport Office and Warehouse
2007 DSTC History
MAY - Selected Excellent Agents by Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines
2005 DSTC History
MAY - Selected Excellent Agents by Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Cathay Pacific - (9th consecutive year)
2003 DSTC History
SEP - CEO Kim Jong-in inaugurated
2002 DSTC History
APR - Registration of international commercial documentation
2001 DSTC History
FEB - Development of Forward Management System Completed (DECS-I )
2000 DSTC History
JUL - Registration of international express service with Korea Composite Transportation Association
FEB - Establishment of China's Zhenjiang (Quanzhou) Branch
JAN - Establishment of Daeshin Transportation Co., Ltd. Seoul Branch
1998 DSTC History
MAR - Establishment of Shanghai, Yantai and Weihai branch in China
1997 DSTC History
MAY - NIKE FFS (FREIGHT FORWARD SYSTEM) Development and Implementation Completed
1996 DSTC History
MAR - Ranked 1st place among NIKE consolidators (for 5 consecutive years until 2001)
FEB - OPEN CFS in Jiaozhou, China
1995 DSTC History
AUG - Establishment of Daeshin Logistics Investment Corporation in Qingdao China
1994 DSTC History
NOV - Establish a Vietnam Ho Chi Minh corporation for transportation by Daeshin Transportation Co., Ltd.
1992 DSTC History
JUN - To obtain a license for the trade business
1983 DSTC History
MAR - Separate transportation business from Daeshin Trading Co., Ltd. Establish Daeshin Transportation Co., Ltd
1981 DSTC History
DEC - NIKE 동북아 Consolidator 인가 획득
DEC - (주)대신교역 설립 대표이사 정환일

Company Name: Daeshin Transportation Co., Ltd.
Head office: Room# 910, Hanil O/T 152, Jaseong-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea
            Tel: +82 51 645 5822   Fax: +82 51 645 2238
Seoul: 115, Arayuk-ro 57beon-gil, Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
            Tel: +82 2 3665 7070   Fax: +82 2 3665 7820

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