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International Express Service
Express Cargo Service

▶ We will deliver to the door of your desired destination within one to two days after pick-up. We accept Southeast Asian Airlines such as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia,and sea express delivery daily.

▶ International air and sea express service is a system that delivers goods that require safe and fast customs clearance and delivery from customer documents to subsidiary materials through a network established directly in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Hand Carry by a person

It is a special delivery system in which people bring their own cargo and deliver it by the same day or the morning of the next day for the same-day delivery of special cargo that requires urgency.


Documentation & Baggage

You can use it when you want to send relatively lightweight items such as various documents and cargoes quickly, and it is usually delivered within 1-2 days.


Materials, Sample

This service can be used when relatively urgent raw materials are sent to local production bases quickly and safely, and generally customs clearance and door to door services are applied as a basic service.

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